Cheapest and easiest way to eat famous roasted pork in Coimbra

In Coimbra, located in central Portugal, has a famous regional dish : Chanfana. It’s like stewed baby goat with some spices. If it isn’t really your cup of tea to eat goat meat (like me), you could try another special dish called “Leitão à Bairrada”, which is famous as “Typical Portuguese Food” today, but its origin is exactly from this Central region. What is “Leitão à Bairrada”? “Leitão” means “Baby pork” or “Piglet” “à Bairrada” is the regional style of cooking. In short, this is spit-roasted whole piglet! More correctly, this is the specialty of a small town called Mealhada […]

15 Portuguese dishes you can’t miss!

What do you imagine about “Portuguese cuisine”? Some says “As Portugal is a European country, so meat dish covered with sauce and some bread.” If you have that kind of image, it will be changed after reading this article! Portugal has good weather, that means there’s enough sunshine to cultivate tasty vegetable. And its geography surrounded by the sea, you can easily taste fresh seafood. Their cooking style is unique as well: simple seasoning with garlic and olive oil is the base, and they put different spices that they used to import from their old colonies in Africa, Asia, and […]

How to use local restaurant well in Portugal? Here’s some tips.

When you are traveling and want to find a local place to have a typical local dish of that place, you will search it on web or check your guidebook. In Portugal, especially in Lisbon and in Porto, there are many restaurants which are popular for tourists and have good review, that means you won’t have any language problem  because the employees certainly speak English. How it works in this kind of restaurants are so similar to our countries’ so there won’t be any surprise. However, not many websites or guidebook don’t tell you clearly how it works in more […]

Alcatra, the local food you must try in Terceira!

The Azores, which is becoming a popular vacation destination these years, are located 1600 away from Portugal mainland. As well as São Miguel island, Terceira island (Ilha de Terceira) is one of the entrances for tourists to discover pure beauty of these paradise-like islands. Many people come to Terceira to admire its wonderful nature and its famous festivals but they often forget to taste a local dish : Alcatra. In this article, you will see this meaty-oily dish which you must try when you come to Terceira! So, what is Alcatra? Generally, Portuguese people eat more often pork than beef […]