New Year’s Eve in Lisbon, How You Enjoy With Less Than €5!

In Lisbon, it’s not just summer time you can enjoy, but in the end of the year too. I was in a countdown event in Lisbon to finish an amazing year of 2018. Starting with free music live, fireworks that celebrate the new year’s coming and drinking, drinking, drinking. I did enjoy so much this last day of 2018 with lot of laugh, and lot of beer and finally I spent less than 5 euros! That would be awesome as well the countdown events in NY, Tokyo, Paris but sometimes it’s so stressful with lot of crowds that make it […]

A perfect guide of Lisbon’s TOP view spots for free!

Lisbon, which is also called “City of 7 hills” never stops fascinating the visitors with its great views of old houses expanded on hills, as its nickname says. We can enjoy this city with many ways: walking around, tasting great food, drinking, having a party… but do you know we can find many viewpoints throughout the city? When you go up, you will arrive to a view point! Almost all the viewpoints in Lisbon are outside so generally they are free of charge. Of course, there are many tourists, but also local people come there to take an “imperial” (small glass […]

10 Things that I quit in Portugal

Are you in a foreign country? Have you ever faced culture shock there? When we live abroad for a long time, we should completely change our habit, our mentality and our attitude for the culture of the country where you are, and sometimes it surprises us how our mind or our way of thinking has been changed, without recognizing by ourselves. In this article, I’m going to tell you the 10 things that I quit after my 8 months of stay in Portugal. Maybe you could get some ideas about how in reality it is to live in Portugal. (I’m […]

7 best beaches to go near Lisbon

Lisbon… We talk a lot about this beautiful Portuguese capital especially in recent years, and I think that’s normal. Narrow steep streets with old houses, Portuguese cuisine that is simple but also very tasty and its atmosphere of “saudade” (nostalgia, sadness or a feeling of lack of something in one’s past, untranslatable in other languages). .. People who have ever visited this beautiful city would say, “Oh my God, Lisbon is simply magic!” Yet, Lisbon’s charms aren’t only in its touristic city center. You can enjoy beautiful beaches just nearby. In fact, there are many people coming to Lisbon to spend […]